How To Take Screen Shot In Windows 10

Best Ways "How to take screen shot in Windows10"

We are not going to talk here that how much popular is windows 10 and how many users are using it.

Because we all know it is popular and people often get confused with some of the features and other stuff that Windows 10 have.

One of them is “Taking Screenshot

I often found people searching for the “How to take Screen Shot in Windows 10?

As it is the thing that I do plenty of time in a day because I often take a screenshot for my work or other purposes.

So here i’m going to show you some of the easiest way to take screen shots.

Two Easiest Way To Take Screen Shots In Windows 10

  • Screen Shot With The Help Of Paint Tool In Windows 10
  • Taking Screen Shot With the help of the Snipping Tool

1. Screen Shot With The Help Of Paint Tool In Windows 10

Let’s just quickly get into this. And let me show you how to take a screenshot in Windows 10 by a step by step guide.

  • First open that page or app or whatever you wanna take the screenshot of and then press prt sc” button as shown in the image given below.
"prt sc" button on keyboard
prt sc” button
  • Then go to the search bar and type “Paint” and the app will popup. Just open the app as shown in image.
Searching for paint in search bar
Search bar
  • After opening the app you just need to press “ctrl+v” and wallah your screenshot is just there.
Inside paint app
Paint app
  • Well after that do whatever you wanna do with the paint app and then just save the file by tapping on the save icon.
Press save button
Save button
  • And that’s it you are good to go to use your screen shot or share it anywhere you want to share.
Saving the file
File save menu

2. Taking Screen Shot With the help of the Snipping Tool

Open the page or whatever you wanna take a screen shot of. Now for this, you need to find the app called “Snipping Tool” by searching it in the search bar.

Serchingg for Snipping Tool
Search bar

And then open the app and then click on “New”

Interface of Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool

After that, a tool will pop up to select the area you want to take the screenshot of.

Select the area and then save the image in whatever format you wanna save.

Saving image in Snipping Tool
Screen shot saving

Meanwhile, that’s all you need and these are the easiest way to take the screenshot on windows 10.

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