How to Run Windows 10 in Safe Mode

How to enter safe mode in windows 10 Pc

After Windows 10 release this question circulates widely that How to Boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode. Because in previous Windows 7 you can boot into the safe mode

In Windows 7 you are able to boot in safe mode by pressing the F8 key to access the Advanced Boot Options Menu.

However, after Windows 10 update the F8 key doesn’t work anymore to enter into safe mode. It doesn’t matter how hard you try it will not work for you. This is because Microsoft has disabled the Advanced Boot Options Menu in its Windows Startup to increase boot time.

But it doesn’t mean that you cannot Enable the F8 key to enter the Advanced Boot Menu option to run Windows 10 in safe mode again.

The Microsoft has just disabled this function both in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 but you can enable it manually by performing a few steps…

How To Get F8 key work Again in Windows 10 for entering Safe Mode

The F8 boot menu feature is disabled by default on Windows 10. While you can get F8 Key to work again by editing  Boot Configuration Data (BCD)using command Windows. BCD Edit is a tool, which controls the Windows startup system.

Step by Step: Method 1: How to Enable F8 boot menu key again to enter Windows Safe Mode

Step.1 Press Windows logo key with R Key on your keyboard at the same time to open run command Windows.

Step 2. Type cmd to invoke the Command Prompt Window as an administrator, for this press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open an administrator command prompt.


Note: Don’t just press Enter otherwise you will won’t be able open the command prompt in an administrator mode.

Step 3. Now Copy the following command as given below and paste it in the Command Prompt Window and press the Enter key.

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Step 4. The last thing you have to do is Reboot your PC and press F8 to access the Boot Options menu before the Windows logo appears as shown in the picture. After pressing the F8 key select Safe Mode option in the list.


This is how you can enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

Method 2: How to Enter Safe Mode in Windows 10 by Normal Way

There is another way to enter safe mode in windows 10 is the System Configuration Tool. This tool offers you to how will your system start and work in System startup.

Step By Step to turn on Safe Mode in System Configuration Tool…

Step 1. Press Windows +R Key on your keyboard at the same time to invoke the run command Windows as you did before.

Step 2. Now type msconfig and then enter, this action will open your System Configuration Tools.

Step 4. Mark the Safe boot option and click on OK button. After this, a Windows promoted Message will open and then click on the restart button to ensure to enter in safe mode.

Note: To enter again in Windows normal mode please unchecked Safe mode option in System Configuration Tool.

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