How To Install Windows 10 2019 Guide (No Step Skipped)

How To Install Windows 10

As you all know we are the growing fast in the Modern tech world. So, we always need to be updated with the latest Technology.

In the computers world, ” The Windows 10 Version 1809 Operating System is the latest offering from Microsoft, which provide you a taste of modern OS with many new features.

Meanwhile, this will allow you to get the best out of your modern hardware or in case if you get old hardware then it will make your old hardware system run smoothly due to its low system requirements.

It is highly optimized for Games and another video editing software for better performance and, you will see today and Microsoft keeps working on this make it above the best.

Here we will show you the most detailed Step by step guide on “How to install Windows 10”.

Checkout: Detailed Guide On: How To Install Windows 10″

Firstly you need to install newest version of the Windows 10.

Just go to “Latest: Download Windows 10 ISO” to download.

Meanwhile, if you got any other windows version that you wanna install you can go will that. Because the installation process is pretty much similar for all the windows versions.

Step By Step: Methods to Install Windows 10

There are plenty of methods that can be used to install windows 10.

But here we gonna show you some of the best easy & popular methods to get your windows to install done in a few minutes.

Make Your pen Drive (Flash Drive) bootable (Best Easy Ways)

1: Download media creation tool (Check out this to download: Latest: Download Windows 10 ISO 64 Bit 2019)

2: While following this post link given above you just need to follow these up to this image given below.

Select Flash USB Drive

3: Here you need to select the 1st option “USB Flash Drive.”

4: Select the path of the USB Drive or it will automatically show you. Just click the next and let the process to be completed. Meanwhile, it will take some time depending upon your internet speed.

5: After all this is done you gonna see the logo of the pen drive has got some slight changes. Something like this given below.

Bootable USB Drive
Changes in logo USB Drive

This means your pen drive is now bootable.

Now How to install Windows 10

  • Firstly restart your PC or if it’s already off then start it and immediately start pressing the “esc” or “F11” or any of the key that opens up your boot menu (Or you can google it).
  • Secondly, In the boot menu go to “Advanced Bios Features
Boot Menu Dawnce Bios
  • After all this you need to go to the “Hard disk boot priority menu“.
  • And then press enter and then select the USB Flash Disk as a boot priority.
Select USB Flash Disk
Select USB Flash Disk
  • Then click Save and exit the boot menu. After that, you will see your windows starting from the pen drive.
  • From here your windows installation will start. Now just follow the steps given below to complete it.
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 1
Windows Installation Ist Window
  • After that a window is gonna popup. In this window you can select the language, currency & Input Method. Just make you choice and click next.
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 2
Windows Installation 2nd Window
  • Meanwhile, after that another window gonna pop in this just click on the “Install Now“.
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 3
Windows Installation 3rd Window
  • On the next window add the windows key if you have it or you can just click on I don’t have the key. (You can put it later)
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 4
Windows Installation 4th Window
  • Then accept the license terms and click next.
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 5
Windows Installation 5th Window
  • Select the Windows version you wanna install. (Just select Windows 10 Pro)
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 6
Windows Installation 6th Window
  • After that Click on the second option “Custom Install
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 7
Windows Installation 7th Window
  • Furthermore, in the next window select the drive partition where you wanna install the windows 10. Meanwhile here you can format your drives, create partitions, and delete partitions.
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 8
Windows Installation 8th Window
  • Then let the process complete. (Note: Here your windows gonna restart 1 or 2 times it will take time so have patience)
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 9
Windows Installation 9th Window
  • After all, this done Cortana will pop up on the screen it will guide you with the rest of the process of windows 10 installation.
How To Install Windows 10 Screenshot 10
Windows Installation 10th Window

And that’s all to install windows 10. Other then that if you think the display is not looking right or mouse pad anything is not working right then just install the windows update by connecting it with the WiFi.

After this, its gonna install all the necessary drives and stuff for you and fix everything.

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