How To Install Active Directory in Windows 10

How to Install Active Directory in Windows 10

First of all, What is Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows System? and how to enable Active Directory in Windows 10.

The Active Directory is a set of process and services including in most of windows server operating system as well as in Windows 7, 8,10. These services are developed by Microsoft for Windows Domain Network system.

However, Active Directory is used to manage permissions and access to various networked resources in the Windows Server operating system and stores data as objects, where an object is a single element.

For example, a user, application, group and other devices, such as a Fax Machine, Scanner, Mouse and printer.

But here on this post, we will discuss only how to install Active Directory in Windows 10.

Note: To enable Active Directory in Windows 10, you can also install the “Remote Server Administration Tool”. But this tool only works on Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise version.

Step by Step: How to install Active Directory users and computers in Windows 10 version 1809

Step 1. Click on the Windows-Start-Button Start button and go to Settings > Apps > Manage optional features.

Install Active Directory

Step 2. Now further, click on “Manage Optional Features” > Add Features to install new feature, which is Active Directory.

Install Active Directory
Add A Feature in Windows 10

Step 3. The last Step is searching for feature Name “RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Tools“.

Install Active Directory
Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Tools

Just Click on “Install“, and wait for few seconds while Windows installs the feature. After the installation, it will appear as an option under “Windows Administrative Tools“. You can find this option by searching “Administrative Tools” in the Windows Start Menu.

The first three tools show that the “Active Directory Users and Computers” feature has been successfully installed in your Windows 10.

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